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Manvee software solutions company is the one of the bestAndroid app Development Company in Hyderabad. We begin by brainstorming the features that are being demanded, then we design and develop each activity and deploy as a complete module of app. We have experienced designers who can build tailor-made android app as per customer requirement, just the way customer want it to look and feel like good.

Designers at Manvee Software Solutions develop android applications for all times of devices and services like custom app development, mobile e-commerce, enterprise apps, mobile and tablet solutions, voice tech and augmented reality. We have experts who can build applications just the way you want it to look and feel like. We do android applications at very low price. And our designers provide best quality apps and we are stand high for our on-time delivery.

Android Application Development

Custom App Development

We begin by transforming the features that are being demanded, then design and develop each activity and deploy as a complete module.

Mobile Commerce

We ease the process of buying and selling over mobile devices by providing the best M-commerce application experience

Enterprise Apps

Providing simple and effective solution for complex and scalable business solutions with a corporate touch.

Mobile and tablet solutions

We develop apps android apps to offer solutions to devices at all shapes and sizes

Voice Tech

Enable easy scalability with interactive voice response

Augmented Reality

Bringing in another dimension to reality by enhancing the user experience in the real world.

    Frameworks and Librares

    Conceptualizes A layered structure

Frameworks exist with predefined functionalities to make the development work easier. We use a specific set of them to get your idea into an app in no time. The frameworks and libraries that we use are listed below.


    Creavig out secure Mobile API'S

APIs are an application programming interface (API) is a set of subroutine definitions, protocols, and tools for building software. In general terms, we utilize your already built applications to integrate with third-party software or our own creations.

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Technology Stack

Java is a traditional programming language, embodied with years of evolution. The most reliable of all the tech used to build Android apps, we are proficient like nobody else in developing java based native android applications. We use Android Studio for building apps in the most powerful and robust language java. We construct impeccable interpreters and APIs with PHP or Python based on the requirements to cater to our mobile applications from the server side.

Android Application Technology & Backend Integration

This Hyderabad based company possesses commendable experience in providing a wide range of mobile application development, web and M-Commerce development services. The company built a timely delivery mobile application and website projects. At Manvee Software Solutions you get the best quality android apps for all business category, in Hyderabad at a reasonable and affordable cost. Manvee Software Solutions is the best android app developing company in Hyderabad, India. Our dedicated team of developers makes out-of-box concepts for android apps which makes us unique from others

Business Understanding

Upstream Design


API Development


Cusomer Engagement


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