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We Get you a real-time web application for all your business problems. Nowadays the world has seen a massive change in the field of technology. A real time web application is promising and caters to the real-time need in software technology and web applications. There are several applications in the tech market that are displaying great performances with the help of the amazing features of a real-time web application. It has been predicted that it will grow at a faster rate in time to come. A majority of the users have a varied need which has to be solved promptly.

Technology Stack

Node JS

Socket .IO





Some of the major app types shown below they are:

  • Real time Mobile apps
  • Real time web apps
  • Instant messaging / Chat apps
  • Apps using VoIP (Voice over internet protocol)
  • Collaboration Apps using Framework
  • Location Tracking Apps
  • Whiteboard Animations Apps
  • Real time Dashboards
  • Real-time apps for Data Storage and Sync etc.
  • Real time and multiplayer games

How it work ?

While the actual size of Newspaper ad differs across the publication, the following list of Newspaper ad size will give you a perfect idea on square cm. This table also gives you the completely different ads types available in Newspapers.

Instant Publishing

This is one of the rewarding things about the web application. With this, you will be able to publish the content within an instant. Real-time actions proceed faster and this is making several people check the real condition of everything.

Video / Audio Communication

Audio visual communication it passes the information as in the form of sound and visual components. Generally audio-visual communication uses In the Movies, Television shows & video chat etc… This type of communication can provide more information and communication accuracy between the individuals whom make the communication.

Messaging / Alert Message

Alert messaging or notification is machine-to-person communication. An alert may be a calendar reminder or a notification of any new message.

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Benefits of Real Time web apps

Our real-time web application process has mainly four stages:

Real-time feature integration
Support and Maintenance


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