Television Advertising

Manvee Software Solutions provide advertising with television ads to promote the products of our customers. We provide a significant part of the fund participation for private television networks. Ads promoting electronic goods, households, clothing and accessories, jewelry can be promoted with the help of the Chennai’s best network of TV advertisers. Since television is a tool which prominently used people are prone to watch the promotions intact. The consequent rates of each broadcaster may vary but in the tie-up with the Manvee software solutions, the cost-effective planning is assured to the customers. Widespread promotion is always a part of the advertisement team in the long run with us.

List of TV ad formats

Aston Band

Ads conveyed in an animated style with conveyed messages in 2-3 frames with high definition promotional features including the product’s specificationss

L Band

The L shaper on the screen resolution containing the ad features about the product and the sale execution.

Scroller Ads

Bottom Scroller ads with liner definitions and periodic repetitions over the size of the screen. Vertical Scroller size format over the line.

Teleshopping Ads

Tele-shoppers with their products with promotional shoots and ales are presented in the Corresponding channel connect.

Testimonial advertising

Feedbacks from customers are all gathered are presented in a very natural way to convey the goodness of the products or services.

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