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Manvee Software Solutions Company is based out of Hyderabad. We provides the best SEM services in Hyderabad with the certified and dedicated search engine marketing specialists. Who have a good knowledge and hands-on experience in working on search engine marketing for almost all the industry verticals. We provide the best quality services and we are stand high for our timely content delivery.

No other advertising medium can put your business ads in front of the motivated customers who are ready to buy the product at the precise moment. With our effective planning and strategic approaches, we make sure to get your business and brand on the search engine result page.

Are you looking for immediate returns from your online source?

Are you looking for a online sales campaign on the latest promotional offers for a short period?

Are you looking to get targeted customers direct to your website?

Yes; then Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is an perfect solution for it. Search Engine Optimization SEO takes some time to produce fruitful results. But SEM gets instant sales of your Business. SEM is a paid service and it givs immediate results. This service is also called as pay per click (PPC) or Ad words.

Manvee Software Solutions is having certified Ad words consultants, capable of creating effective campaigns to bring out instant results. Our team ensures maximum ROI with complete reporting in your selective budget.

Manvee Software Solutions Services:

● Creation and maintenance of the Ad words account.

● Selective and effective keywords for the campaigns.

● Creating Ad groups.

● Creating Ads.

● Setting and adjusting the bids for ad groups basing on the competition of the keywords.

● Generating reports.

Manvee Software Solutions maintains and delivers the SEM service to its customers in an efficient manner. Come up with a budget and reach the target immediately through manvee software solutions.

How our search engine marketing

Search Engine Marketing

With millions of business and brands competing on social platforms to get straight to the target customers, it is important to get the right and effective methods to grow your business.

Search Engine Optimisation

We will be concentrating on the most famous search engine Google and to rank website and stores based on specific parameters that your target audience searches for.

Pay-Per-Click Management

Through Pay per Click marketing, we will be advertising in google partnered websites that allows us to pay only when your ad is clicked by an online user.

Content Strategy & Marketing

We make sure we market our content to the right ones; we reach the customers with the right hashtags, keywords, sharing and retweeting.

Social Media Strategy

You get the right place among your target audience our digital marketing experts are well trained

Analysis, Analytics & Reporting

we analyze from the bygone campaign analytics reports and make sure your campaigns give you a flawless result.

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Search Engine Marketing

How do you get your business to reach the right audience? You can be paid for promotions but on what timeframe or strategy basis? This is where Search Engine Marketing specialist at Manvee software solutions come into play, we make sure your business comes up in the SERPs competing with the business competitors. We get the right keywords for the products your target audience are searching for search engines like Google and Bing and put your business product adds alongside the search results. We do SEM at the most affordable cost. Our PPC experts have hands-on experience on all types of pay-per-click ads like small, text-based ads and product listing ads and they make the ads more visually appealing at the same time make them efficient for the audience to view the price and reviews of the product at a glance.


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